BBR Welcomes New Board Members

At the May 22 annual meeting, Boston Building Resources welcomed four new members to the board of directors. The board provides strategic direction and oversight to the organization so that it can best serve its members and advance its mission. 

New board members are, from left to right, Sally Zimmerman, John Douglass, Nick Pieri, and Abner Bonilla.

New board members are, from left to right, Sally Zimmerman, John Douglass, Nick Pieri, and Abner Bonilla.

Abner Bonilla is a Roslindale native who lives and works in Roslindale as a postal carrier. In the category of who knows the most about Roslindale, it would be hard to compete with Abner. The history of the neighborhood, the happenings in the neighborhood, the lawn ornaments in the neighborhood: from growing up, delivering mail, and being beloved, Abner knows a lot. He is an active member of the community, committed to keeping Roslindale affordable for both long-term residents and newcomers. Abner also likes to travel around the world. His current goal is to be the first person to visit every town or city in New England. He runs a blog called Trek New England, and Mount Washington is his favorite place to have trekked so far. Abner went to Boston Latin High School. His dad is from Costa Rica and his mom is from Cuba.

John Douglass of Jamaica Plain is a longstanding supporter and customer of the BBR. For most of his life, John has been connected to the reuse and implementation of materials. He can recall his aging parents dismantling a barn to use the beams and siding in order to remodel a town hall building for a new use as an antique store and home. He has worked in the building trades for the past 40 years, building residential housing and private homes. John has also been involved as a volunteer for the preservation and upkeep of Eliot Hall, the home of The Footlight Club in Jamaica Plain. He is passionately aware of our dwindling natural resources as well as wasteful building techniques and has been committed to renovation and reuse for most of his life.

Nick Pieri of Roslindale has more than a decade of experience creating and developing businesses, programs, and projects. He worked with the Pine Street Inn for several years doing job training and social enterprise around the building trades. Nick has completed a number of remodeling projects on his own properties and for others, and is currently working for Thoughtforms custom home builders in Acton, where he manages the woodshop. Strategic, collaborative, visionary, and results-oriented, Nick has developed leadership and management experience because of his dedication to and belief in collaborative, community-based solutions. He has a passion for supporting makers of all kinds and for sustainable, high-quality craftsmanship. He has been a member, advocate, and supporter of Boston Building Resources for several years and is passionate about energy efficiency, sustainability, and reuse in the construction industry. 

Sally Zimmerman of Jamaica Plain is Senior Preservation Services Manager at Historic New England, staffing the Historic Homeowner Program. Sally has worked for many years as a preservation planner at the Cambridge Historical Commission, where her work focused on neighborhood conservation districts, an innovative alternative to traditional local historic districts. She has also worked at the Massachusetts Historical Commission, as a member of the reconnaissance survey teams, as preservation planner, and as director of the Preservation Planning division. She is author of numerous landmark and neighborhood conservation district study reports and National Register nominations, as well a guide for homeowners and preservation commissions on historically appropriate exterior paint colors. She frequently writes and lectures on energy conservation strategies for older and historic homes and has taught workshops at BBR on related topics.

Abner, John, Nick, and Sally join continuing board members Rick Ames, DeAnne Dupont, Ann Finnerty, Marcia Peters, Rashmi Ramaswamy, Sonia Singh, and Marsha Smith. Three retiring board members were thanked for their service: Sarah Grandfield, Glen Gurner, and Andrew St. John. The annual meeting was held at the Boston Nature Center in Mattapan.